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    al escudero

    Hi Sandra. We don't have InDesign files as such, but I believe it is possible to import PSD files into InDesign,

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    Sandra Skies Ludwig

    Thanks! I did import them into InDesign, but they don't look the same as they do in Photoshop. Could I have the measurements for the guidelines for:

    1. An 8" x 8" book; and

    2. An 8" x 10" landscape book.


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    al escudero

    Hi Sandra. I could give you the size of spreads 4800x2400 pixels and 6000x2400 pixels respectively, but the cover sizes will vary depending on the number of ages and the paper type since both of those factors affect the width of the spine. 

    As a suggestion, I'll explain how you can derive these numbers yourself. Though I'm happy to provide you with the values, it only takes about 30 seconds so I'll tell you for next time so your project isn't held hostage by waiting for a response.

    • Create a book of the size and paper type you want.
    • Once in the editor set the page count to the amount you need. 
    • Drag and drop a photo onto your cover or page. 
    • Drag the photo so it snaps against one edge of the region you want to measure
    • resize the photo by dragging the other edge so it snaps to the other side of the region.
    • hold your mouse pointer over the picture. The tooltip that comes up will have its dimensions in pixels. If you want the measurement in inches, just divide the pixel size by 300.

    Example. You want to know the spine width of a certain book. You drag a photo onto your cover, snap the left edge of the photo to the left edge of the spine. Grab the half-circle on the other edge of the photo and shrink the width of the photo so it snaps to the right edge of the spine. On mouseover, if you see that the width of that picture is 210 pixels you know that's how wide your spine is (or .7 inches)

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    Sandra Skies Ludwig

    Hi again--


    What I mean was, what are the measurements for the safe zones, etc.?

    Also, when setting up a book in InDesign, do I need to leave blank pages for the title? In other words, on which page do I start importing my photos? Thanks again.


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    edward paul

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    kim Shinkle

    Hi there - you guys get the best reviews for printing quality in a recent review so I'd like to switch from either PrestoPhoto or Blurb to you guys for the cookbook I'm making.  

    Both of those websites offer guidelines for using InDesign, and I'm surprised to not find it on your website.  Here is an example of what PrestoPhoto offers:

    Blurb even has a plug-in for InDesign.

    It would be so helpful if you could provide such guidelines too... I know Photoshop, but am new to InDesign, so your safe zones would be reassuring.   I could play it safe and go 1/2", but prefer to have my headers and footers placed properly.   The cover is a different story - that information is vital to make this work.

    Thank you for your help.  Wondering too if there's a discount for volume printing?  Thanks

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    Laurie Wilkison

    Hi Kim - did you ever get an answer to your question? I would like this info as well.

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    Emily Obert

    Yes, the bleed, page size and margin for safe zone would be very helpful. Judging from the photoshop layout, its something like for a 10" x 10" book set your bleed at 0.125", set the page at 9.75" h x 9.875" w with top bottom and outer margins at 0.125" and inner margin at 0. 

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