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    al escudero

    Hi Grayson. I assume by Hardcover you mean a designable hardcover and not a leather, leather lux or fabric one. If its the latter, you can't print on the spine. If its designable, then the question becomes how are you designing the book. If you're using our browser-based tool, then:

    1. Open your book layout and navigate to the cover
    2. Click on the TEXT tab on the left and click-drag the T onto the workspace and drop it near the spine. This will add a text caption onto your project.
    3. Click on the caption to select it. On the toolbar beside it you should see an icon around the mid point that says 90° and rotate. Click the icon to rotate your text to align with the spine
    4. Click in the text placeholder and type what you want it to say.
    5. Change the settings on the toolbar - font, style, color, etc. so it matches the style appropriate for your book. 
    6. Click-drag the placeholder so it's aligned properly on your spine. Leave a little space between the writing and the front/back cover so it wont bleed onto either of the covers in the event there is a subtle shift during printing.
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    Grayson Lee

    Hi:  Is there any way to do this in Photoshop?.  I am a professional photographer and I will need to design a custom front and back cover.

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    al escudero

    Sure Grayson. I've posted PSD templates On This Page for you to download. Make sure you use the one for the correct spine width and paper height. If you have snap guides on it will have guides showing where the edges of the spine are for your reference.

    Hope this helps.

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    Polly Dawson

    Hi there,

    we want to print:

    8x12 landscape photobook

    printed cover 

    end pages

    lustre paper

    26 spreads (plus the cover)

    We are using Pixellu smart albums 2 to design the album and we need to know how to design the cover. This program does not seem to allow us to design front and back cover and the SPINE of the album. I guess we could do the design in photoshop, but we need to know the measurement of the spine of the album. Can you help us?


    Many thanks!

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