Height and Width Control Not Working



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    al escudero

    Hi Terri. Here are the instructions for resizing a photo.

    If by Height and Width adjustment you mean grabbing the handles on the corners or the sides of a photo and pulling outwards to enlarge the size of the image - the only reason it wouldn't enlarge any further is because your image doesn't have sufficient resolution. The lowest your image can drop is 150dpi before we wont let you expand it any further since doing so would drop it to an unacceptable quality level. 

    If you would like to check your quality level you can do so in the properties panel. If the number marked PPI is 150, that is why you can't enlarge your image. 


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    Terri O'Neil

    I should have said that I would like to know how to make the height and width adjustment control work on the described photo.

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