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    Robert Ramsey


    I have three questions about grids/templates:

    1)  Is there a way to globally change a grid?  For example, let's say I pick Simple 2 from the grids, but I want the month to be 60pt.  Right now I have to go through each month and keep clicking until the font dialog appears.  I'd like to be able to change it once and say Apply to All.  Like a Master Slide in PowerPoint.

    2)  Is there a way to fill an image or grid to the margins?  To page goes to the full page, which means I might lose some of the content.  It's a pain getting 12 images exactly sized to the margins without stronger 'snaps' when resizing.

    3)  Is there a way to put the label for the holiday in the calendar.  For example, on Simple 2, May 28th 2018 is red for Memorial Day, but there's no label.  Not all of the holidays are obvious and rather than putting them all in by hand, very tedious, a button to add them would be great.


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