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    Here's a question for you, Ale, based upon your recommendation suggesting images handed to you for print be at 300ppi (for optimal print rendering):

    I have, in the past here in losangePhoenix, had a professional print service in town do work for me. They have an output setup likely much as the one you all have there at AdoramaPix – however are considerably more expensive for work done (but well worth it I have found).

    In their guidelines provided for print orders they require print res to be at 200ppi, not 300ppi. The images I have had them print for me (also on a matte surface as I will have you guys do for me now) look phenomenal!

    So, all that being said, are we able to send you well-edited image files at 200ppi and still expect a "wonderful" print? (A potential additional 'upside' – for those not so familiar with "image resolution" – is that one is also able to consider having a print made at approximately 150% the size of what we could expect to have made IF we were printing at that 300ppi resolution.)

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    al escudero

    Absolutely. 200dpi is still a good resolution or we wouldn't allow people to print their images at that resolution. 300dpi is just the ideal/maximum resolution. 

    Is 200ppi the other company's minimum, or their maximum?

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    They require submitted files to be at that resolution Ale.

    I have beautiful images (printed on 'matte' paper, my preferred surface) where transitions from shadow to mid-tones to highlights are 'smooth as silk'; though sharpened 'up' a bit (in order to compensate a little for 'dot gain' on a surface like 'matte') – even up close to the print – one is unable to see ANY pixelization.

    I'm looking forward to my first series of large prints back from you guys coming up on 2 February.


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    alimenson alimenson

    Very informative thread.

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    Robert Blakely

    For "optimal" quality is tif better than jpg?

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