Color calibration and custom correction




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    Spencer Rasmussen

    Which .icc profile should I use for a 12x12 photobook printed on luster?

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    al escudero

    Archival album paper profile. The first one on the list for photo books.

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    Titus Tucan


    Last print that I ordered from you guys on metal white glossy, came out very nice in terms of colors, although I submitted the image with a built in 16bit Adobe profile. You guys request images in 8bit sRGB.
    I imagine that your technicians dealt with that and it came out very nice, thank you for that.

    I have now a new image to print which is a HDRed sunset.
    I'm kind of reluctant to send it because the colors might come out posterized (out of gamut). 
    I tried to download the metal printer profile in order to tweak my image to avoid posterization when printing but it says Coming soon...

    Any advice on that?


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    Robert Blakely

    Your price list shows prints 16x20 and larger are still called prints. And you have no prices at all for posters. 

    I think this webpage is implying that prints 16x20 and larger are made on a "poster" printing machine with a set of ICC profiles.  And prints smaller than 16x20 are made on a different printing machine with a different set of ICC profiles. 

    If this is correct, can you do one of the following:

    1. for the heading above that says "For Posters (16x20 and up):" just change it to "for Prints 16x20 and up:"
    2. or call them posters on the price list.

    Is size 12x36 a poster or a print?

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    Titus Tucan

    Hey Adorama guy, it's kind of useless to have a comments and questions page, if you never answer

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