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    JC Hersh

    ale: due to all the confusion about seminar starting times will you please post the correct starting times for all events on 1 page to make it as simple to understand as possible?

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    al escudero

    Gift cards are available here:

    The person building the book has to have an account, unless you grant them access to yours (which I wouldn't recommend!)

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    Andrew Silverstein

    I am very excited about the upcoming Webinar next Sunday (Jan 20, 2013), but I have a question.

    None of this is Adorama's fault - love you guys - BUT...

    Will Java be required to participate?   Some serious vulnerabilities with respect to Java have come to light in the past week, prompting the Deaprtment of Homeland Security, no less, to recommend disabling or uninstalling Java unless absolutely necessary.  The "quick fix" put in place by Oracle (Java's owner) have failed, as of today (Jan. 18, 2013), to impress some well respected experts (see, and frankly, I am reluctant to install or enable the "new" Java until it has proved itself reliable for a while.  The Go To Webinar website seems to say the Java and JavaScript will be required, but this is not altogether clear to me.

    So, my question is, is Java required?   


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