Best practices for custom layouts and fonts: native resolution; text rendering




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    John Dickson

    This is a pretty big question for people who use Lightroom to format their books. I'd really like to know more specifics so I can ensure a good print.


    I suppose I could just ditch AdoramaPix and go with Blurb. That's definitely the easier option at this point.


    I really wish we didn't have to import into the photobook maker and instead just upload pixel specific pdfs with bleed. Too bad...

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    Alexander Karasev

    I was on the phone with their senior tech, and after much trial and error we conformed a procedure to import the PDF - the result can be seen on a link halfway down

    The main complexity is the design for the wrap-around cover, as spine thickness depends on page count. The second complexity is making sure the software doesn't confuse the cover with the regular page and doesn't shuffle the pages. I had steps written out to nip all those issues and it worked, but the tech told me that they're working on improving the process, so the specific steps may no longer be valid.

    The native resolution is 300dpi and is crystal clear on the pages. The cover, I found, was the same native res but slightly out of focus.

    IMPORTANT: the fonts and line art are rasterized at the main book size - at check-out, do NOT check "also order these smaller sizes." In my experience those were ruined as they didn't go back to the original PDF - resulting in aliasing artifacts in fonts etc. So re-make PDFs in each target size and import separately.

    Other than that, the process is great. There's NO comparison to Blurb - these are continuous tone photographic print books exposed and processed on actual photo paper, and IMHO by far the best option in this price range or even 2x price range. No close second. I only wish they could also do B&W photo books on real B&W paper.

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