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    Lina Bastone

    Yes, would love some options, i've ordered  a few times for the wed couples and had to start from scratch for the second album (parents0 cuase some of the pics were to be replaced a few times)  Would love to see this option added.

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    al escudero

    There is. In the photo books landing page, next to the book you'll see a link marked copy. Click it and it will create a duplicate of the book. Beneath that link are options to create a copy in other sizes that are the same aspect ratio. You can edit this duplicate as you like without affecting the original.

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    Lisa Murphy

    Could someone please help me with this, what is a landing page? I have ordered a photo book and want pretty much the same one with a few alterations.

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    al escudero

    Just go to this page Lisa:

    You'll see one or more of your book projects listed here (example below). Click the option below the cover image of your book that says COPY PHOTO BOOK.


    this will open a panel (example below) that asks you to define the parameters of your copy, name, size, etc. Click the COPY button.


    This should create a duplicate of the book you selected. You can then modify this duplicate to your hearts content without affecting your original.



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    Kendra Liddicoat

    I think that the website must have changed. I do not see a copy option when I click on my book. Just a "Convert to Hudson Album" option. I would like to make a few edits and then print more copies. I am using Safari, if that makes any difference. Please help. 

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