Sharing Gallery - Who will be able to see my books?




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    Shelly Hyde

    ok, I guess I've lost all sense of computing... I can not find the Public Gallery - Can you tell me where it is?


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    Chip Switzer

    Kind of a useless FAQ answer... You tell use we CAN do these things, but don't tell us how to do them. I would like to share my book privately, but there is no indication of how to do it. 

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    Richard Remski

    I suspect hitting the "list in public gallery" button constitutes PUBLIC sharing while not doing so means only people YOU provide the link to can see it, hence its PRIVATE.  Unless someone guesses your Adoramapix name AND the name of your book to create the link themselves.

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    al escudero

    Hi Richard. You are correct. To list your book in the gallery, you need to share the book AND choose to add it to the public gallery. If you don't want it to be seen by strangers, just share the book, copy the link and send it only to those whom you want to permit to view it.

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    Kristen Regan

    How long does it take for books to be available in the book gallery after they have been submitted? I have a client that wants to purchase a book and I would like for them to be able to view it through the link that I sent but it will not link to the book.

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    Enrique Hernandez

    The program is good and easy to use, albeit when you get into sharing/not sharing and all the other stuff, it is confusing. Look at the question above: Did you find this useful? The answer was ZERO people found it useful....should tell u something...

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