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Text and photo placeholders

posted this on July 2, 2010, 3:42 PM

If you have ever used one of Adorama’s pre-made book templates, you have probably seen a lot of placeholders. A placeholder is just a pre-designated spot in a photo project that is made to hold photos or text. There are only two types of placeholders:

  • Photo placeholders. A square or rectangle that you can drag and drop a photo into. These always contain the words DRAG IMAGE HERE.
  • Text Placeholders. A text box that you can add your own text to. Usually they will say “add text here (double click)” but occasionally the text will be a suggestion for what you might put there (E.g. Baby’s Name, Bride’s Name, Groom’s Name, Title, etc.)

Shown below is an example of a photo placeholder with a highlighted text placeholder beneath it.


Placeholders retain any settings and formatting that they had when they were created. For example, if you drag and drop a photo onto a project page, the photo will be dropped on the page at the default size and at the location where your mouse pointer was when you dropped it. However, if you drag and drop a photo onto a photo placeholder, the photo will expand to fill the placeholder, will be cropped to the shape of the placeholder, and be positioned exactly where the placeholder was. This property of placeholders makes it quick and easy for you to edit a book that has a pre-designed layout. Just drop your photos into the readymade placeholders and any text you type will be in the correct font and style.

Most placeholders will not show up in print if you don’t add something to them. I.e. an empty photo placeholder won’t show up at all if you print the book. As a general rule, if it doesn’t show up in the preview then it won’t show up in the final printed version. Some text in templates is not placeholder text. E.g. if you use a portfolio template and the words PORTFOLIO are on the cover in large print, this isn’t a suggestion you’re supposed to replace, but an intentional part of the design. If you’re not sure whether something is a placeholder or not, do a preview. If it doesn’t show up in the preview, it’s a placeholder.

icon_info.jpg If you think you’re going to be making multiple copies of the same book, it may save you time to create your own template using placeholders. That way you won’t have to keep re-sizing and re-positioning your photos and text every time.